Func HS-260



Intuitive control interface integration

The HS-260 has been designed with the sound and volume controls directly integrated onto the headset itself. When these controls are found on an in-line control piece on the headphone cord, it tends to get stuck on your table, chair or wrapped up in your clothes.

With the controls being directly integrated onto the headset, it helps to eliminate distractions such as looking for the volume/mute control while you are in situations of life and death; taking your eyes off the screen can be detrimental at this point.


Tuned and paired 50mm drivers sound optimized for gaming

A larger driver tends to deliver a more powerful sound, which in turn delivers a deeper bass. As well, the sound images get a greater resolution in terms of audio which means that you will be able to hear and distinguish a more detailed sound image.

The drivers have been carefully tuned to deliver a well balanced sound image. This will allow you to achieve a distinguished speech as well as a full audio experience during gaming sessions. The speakers have been synced to work at the same performance level which will help you to pinpoint the exact position of an enemy in-game.


Detachable cord & microphone solution

Convert the headset to headphones thanks to the detachable microphone. The microphone and audio cable can be connected on either side of the headphones as they are removable and will work in both positions.


Velour and leather cushions

Changeable ear cushions, comes with a one set of velour and one set of leather cushions.




"Not only do we get replacable cushions for the ear cups, we get detachable microphone and cord as well as the ability to change volume directly on the ear cup and mute the microphone. On top of that the headphones offer great sound quality which in the end is the most important feature."

"HS-260 is a solid buy, showcasing a strong combination of function and gaming performance. Design, build quality, features, audio quality, and price—Func is continuing to move in the right direction with the HS-260 gaming headset."

"The HS-260 is a very understated and classy looking gamer's headset, with some nice features, decent sound quality and is incredibly comfortable, giving you two ear cup options should you prefer leather or velour over the other."

 The design, styling and overall build quality is excellent, plus they are comfy to wear.


"This is certainly a dam good headset that has a lot of potential" 

"Everything you need, nothing you don’t.  Another solid offering from Func.   There’s a blend of design and function here that seems pretty rare among gaming headsets, and it’s their first one" 

"Wir würden keinen Award vergeben, wären wir uns der akustischen Qualitäten des Func HS-260 nicht sicher." 

 "The HS-260 is a top choice for gaming at this price point"



"A great new entry to the market and a very promising start for the Func brand."

 "For her er tale om et suverænt produkt - ikke blot i prisklassen, da HS-260 også gør flere af dets dyrere konkurrenter til skamme"





Model Overview

The HS-260 has been designed to help you through long gaming sessions with comfortable, breathable ear cups and an extremely accurate sound image. The closed ear cup design blocks background noise allowing you to stay focused on your game, while the controls are located on the ear cup for easy access allowing you to keep your eyes focused on the screen with minimal distractions. The added features of the removable microphone and detachable cord solution ensure that you have a well-rounded, multi-functional gaming headset.


Tech. Specs.

Driver: 50mm, tuned and paired
Acoustic construction: Closed
Frequency response: 20-20 000 Hz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Cable length: 3m
Connection: 2 x 3.5mm




Dimensions & Weight

180x105x194 mm / 7.08x4.13x7.64 in
0.37 kg / 0.77 lbs

System Requirements

3.5mm Audio/Mic jack