Func KB-460



Cherry MX mechanical switches

Available with different switch types to fit you’re your personal likings.


On-board customizable profiles and integrated media controls

Switch instantly between 5 profiles stored on the on-board memory and smoothly change between songs or increase the volume without exiting the game.


2 x USB connect-through ports

Accessible connect-through ports for other USB devices.  


Comfortable palm rest

Keeps your hands strain and stress free during many hours of use. 



Plug n play, no need for installations

KB-460 is completely plug n play ready; installation is only needed to re-assign the buttons and adjust the key configuration to suit your needs and your gameplay style.


Func Mode™

Activates re-assigned keys and disables the Windows key and full N-key roll over anti-ghosting for a gaming friendly environment.





the Func KB-460 keyboard definitely delivers and as such comes recommended by

Mit einem Preis von 80 Euro ist das KB-460 von Func deutlich billiger als alle anderen Testkandidaten.

"L'unique défaut, qu'il n'arrive que maintenant! Un rapport qualité/prix sans concurrence."

"Alles in allem ist die FUNC KB-460 eine überzeugende mechanische Tastatur, die sich keine Blöße erlaubt und zu einem angemessenen Preis „viel Keyboard" bietet."

 “The key aspect of a product like this though is how it feels to use and on that front the KB-460 is a real success. It is a lovely board to type on, very fast/responsive with a nice action to the keys.”

"Func again manages to impress with a brand new product. The KB-460 does everything you want it to and it looks great to boot."

"Func KB-460 är ett utmärkt tangentbord med mängder av funktioner till ett konkurrenskraftigt pris."

 "In Sachen Preis-Leistung ist die Func KB-460 damit ein klarer Gewinner und sicherlich zu empfehlen."

"The Func KB-460 gets a well deserved Bjorn3D Seal of Approval for price, features and performance."

"Première incursion de Func dans le clavier — mécanique qui plus est —, le KB-460 est une belle réussite." 

The Func KB-460 is an Editor’s Choice Award winner, and should definitely be auditioned by anyone looking for a gaming keyboard.

"I skrivende stund tar billigste butikk 700 kroner for Sync KB-460, og det får derfor en varm anbefaling til den gjengse spilleren"


"This keyboard is made super nice, it is really good to type on, and it can meet most requirements for special function keys for each game"

"With the software offered, onboard memory and the pleasing asthetic touches, the KB-460 is a very pleasing keybord"

"From a usage stand-point, the KB-460 has been fantastic; I have no complaints."






Model Overview

It doesn’t just perform the commands from your keystrokes, the KB-460 mechanical keyboard keeps you on your toes thanks to the rapid and responsive mechanical switches geared towards all styles of game play.. Ready to be plugged in and put to use straight out of the box or can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your unique gamestyle through the accompanying software. The KB-460 brings forth a perfect balance of performance, quality and customization options.


Tech. Specs.

Switch type: Cherry MX Blue, Brown or Red
Key design: Cylindrical
Anti-ghost: Full N-key roll over
Backlit: Individual LED's on each key
Memory: Onboard 128 KB
Connect-through ports: 2 x USB 2.0
Cord length: 1.8m (braided)
Connector: USB 2.0 (gold plated)




Dimensions & Weight

448x198x33 mm
Netto weight: 1245g

System Requirements

Windows® compatible
Available USB port
10 MB free space on hard drive

Available layouts

US, French, German, Nordic, Russian & UK.

Available Keyboard Layouts






Nordic QWERTY Layout


French AZERTY Layout


German QWERTZ Layout


Russian QWERTY Layout


Czech QWERTY Layout